Check Every Box on Your Private Education Dream List

Variable Tuition

Think you can’t afford quality Christian education?

Think again!

At Cypress Adventist School we do everything we can to reduce the cost burden on families. The purpose of our school is to provide a quality Christian education to children from any religion or denomination and we want every family to have that opportunity. No family is expected to pay full tuition. At most, you pay only about two thirds of full tuition, but if that’s still too much, we’ll work with you! We tailor your tuition cost to you and your needs and YOUR family.

How do we do this? We make full use of our large campus by renting out our extra building to a daycare, our field to a little league baseball group and our gym to churches on weekends. Plus, we have three churches that support us financially and a network of private donors.

Variable Tuition doesn’t mean you get to pick what you pay. It emphasizes that the school looks at each family and creates a plan that works for them. Our finance staff will work with you to set up your individual tuition rate. The chart on the right (or “below” on mobile) shows how this works with students from four different family situations but does not include all possibilities.

Real Numbers

That’s all well and good, but those are just words. What are the REAL numbers?

K-8 Tuition costs

-up to- $6250 per year

But many families pay less.

Other Fees and Discounts


  • Membership Discount
  • Needs-based Discount
  • Family Discount, 20% off for second student from same household or 30% off for additional students
  • Pre-pay half or full year tuition and receive a 3% discount
  • One month of tuition free for one child when you refer another family who attends for at least one semester (unlimited number of referred families)
  • Partners for Eternity program


  • Registration: $300 to $400
  • Outdoor School: $150 (Gr. 6-8)
  • Bus: $1250 per year (there is a waiting list)

“What will *MY* tuition be?”

Let’s talk. Send us some basic information to get started and we’ll see what your customized tuition looks like.